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Motto: "You must realize that until you have thrown off your bourgeois shackles and enjoyed a leisurely smoke while letting a Giant African Snail determine your cadence, you have not begun to demonstrate what has been lost to expertization." --L.F.

Who: Laura
Where: Ypsilanti, MI
What: Ypsi, Iraq, windfarm dumping
When: Aug. 7, 1967
Whence: Mt. Clemens, MI

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snow patches 04
yellow crocuses 04
stubby hyacinths 04
forsythia frenzy 04
tulips 04
wild geranium 04
hummingbird 04
milkweed 04
purple buddleia 04
sunflowers 04
goldenrod 04
last of the black-eyed susans 04
yellowed milkweed 04
wet mats of leaves 04
morning grass-frost 04
bare branches 04
cold fog 04
champagne 05
snowpiles 05
cold house 05
last big snow 05
pre-spring 05
journalists in iraq
dahr jamail
naomi klein (nologo)
rahul mahajan (empire notes)
iraqi bloggers
a family in baghdad
dear raed (salam pax)
healing iraq
ihath: losing myself
iraq and iraqis
iraq the model
iraqi spirit
kurdo's world
the mesopotamian
nabil's blog
raed in the middle
road of a nation
tell me a secret
local bloggers
ann arbor is overrated
ashtrayfloors (former Ypsilantian in Fayetteville, N.C.)
bob goodsell
common monkeyflower
danny shoup
east cross street
an empire wilderness
eric at michigan
the fredosphere
from ann arbor to beirut
juan cole (U-M Mideast expert)
leighton rhymes with satan
mark maynard
past the college grounds
polygon, the dancing bear
shokupanman (overseas ypsilantian)
this girl thinks
vince (flint)
write the ypsi courier
write the a2 news
ann arbor observer
ann arbor news
"five things you need to know about michigan" daily state news digest
guardian unlimited
independent uk
the scotsman
ypsi courier
"American Memory" Library of Congress site
left i on the news
noam chomsky's blog
pr watch

2005-03-23-4:08 p.m.: NEW BLOG: With mingled sadness and relief, I bid adieu to Diaryland. You are invited to visit the ***NEW YPSIDIXIT SITE*** and give it a whirl! Thank you to patient readers who put up with recent Diaryland problems. Hope you like the new site! All comments welcome!

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